Smart vehicles on intelligent roads

Date: 24-26 March 2010
Location: Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre

The Showcase featured high-level speakers from government, industry, service providers and, above all, scientists and researchers from COOPERS, CVIS, SAFESPOT and other international cooperative systems projects. Three days of inspiring presentations, challenging debates and high-level discussions.

Main topics of the conference

  • The latest developments in the field of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication technologies, applications and services. How can we implement this throughout Europe?
  • The final results of the COOPERS CVIS and SAFESPOT projects.
  • Facts about cooperative mobility's contribution to safety, mobility as well as reduced environmental impact.
  • Debates on the challenge to implement cooperative mobility in Europe.
  • Ideas and solutions for overcoming the barriers concerning liability, privacy, regulation and standardization.
The conference is co-organised by the European Commission, the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, the leading cooperative mobility projects COOPERS, CVIS and SAFESPOT, as well as Amsterdam RAI.

  • Conference presentations
  • Conference programme
  • Interview Giulio Vivo - Safespot
  • Interview Paul Kompfner - CVIS
  • Interview Alexander Frötscher - Coopers

  • The Cooperative Mobility Showcase 2010 consisted of three interrelated events:
    1. A high level conference (24-26 March)
    2. Live on-road demonstrations
    3. The i&CDrive exhibition

    Target group Delegates

    • Government representatives
    • Highway and public transport officials
    • Road operators
    • ITS user and member organisations
    • Communication providers
    • System integrators
    • Telematics providers
    • Location-based product and service providers
    • Electronic equipment manufacturers and suppliers
    • Automotive manufacturers and suppliers
    • Commercial vehicle and freight management interests
    • International Standardisation experts
    • Research Institutes and Universities
    • Transportation experts and consultants